Tony's Story

Thanks to Keto Health, for saving my life! I have regained my health by following this simple plan, at first this plan seemed to good to be true. Before starting the plan my blood test result would make anyone cringe, I was a pre diabetic, with high levels of cholesterol, liver enzymes, kidney issues and sleep aponia, only after 8 months my doctor was in disbelief and did not think it was possible to lose so much weight naturally in such a quick time! I lost over 56kg and my blood test results have came back all healthy! The intermittent fasting helped fix my insulin resistance quickly (look at how round and big my belly is in my before photo) and drop the weight fast. I also followed the HIIT workout regime which left me sore and aching for two days until KetoHealth recommended I try Recover8 and my recovery time was within hours after I hard workout! It also fixed up my tennis elbow that I had for years within the first month! It’s a real miracle product and one I strongly recommend to any one I meet! – Thanks again Keto Health for all your support, I really felt guided the whole way through! Further my family thanks you

Mandy's Story

Following the Keto Health plan, I’ve lost 50kg in 8 months. I have more energy now and feel better than I did 20 years ago. As a vegetarian, I have always suffered from anaemia. Following this plan has fixed that as well as many other health issues. I’ve enjoyed every step of this journey, which is the opposite of how I’ve felt on diets in the past.

Steve's Story

Thanks to Keto Health’s meal and workout plan, I have been able to shred the stubborn fat while gaining muscle tone.

Carmelo's Story

In 2 months, I have lost 13kg. I am no longer a type 2 diabetic, no longer need my cholesterol medication and my blood pressure is now controllable. I also required knee replacement surgery. However, now thanks to this plan, I no longer need the surgery as it has taken away all my pain and inflammation. I look and feel better than I have in years, all thanks to Keto Health!

Chanel’s Story

Since following the diet and exercise plan from keto health I’ve been able to lose over 20kgs without feeling hungry or restricted while eating foods I love to satisfaction. I’m feeling better than ever, stronger than ever and am able to keep up with my 3 young kids easier than before!

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